Elections Alberta: Creating Sustainable Dialogue Around Elections


What we're doing in 2017...

This year, we plan to take the connections we made last year, as well as the relationships in Alberta and deepen them.  2017 will see workshops conducted across Alberta and our youth network there expand. In line with our for youth by youth mission, we've hired two young Albertans to be our facilitators on the ground in Alberta, whowill conduct a total of 18 workshops throughout Calgary.

If your organization is interested in hosting a workshop, please contact our Youth Friendly program coordinator at youthfriendly@apathyisboring.com.

What we did in 2016...

Throughout 2016 we have been working with community partners across the province to create an Election Readiness Toolkit. Youth voter rates went up almost 20% in the last federal election, and we want to build on that momentum and see that upward trend reflected in future provincial elections. We have an opportunity to continue the conversation about voting and civic engagement in between provincial elections. Check out the tools below! 

STEP 1: If you're a community organization download the manual now. This manual has been developed to help community organizations support youth engagement when an election is called. In it, you'll find community engagement tips, case studies and other useful information. 

STEP 2:  Play the game! We've created a Day in the Life Quiz (very buzzfeed of us) that draws a link between your everyday life and government. Understanding how each level of government affects day-to-day life is essential. Click on the image directly or download the powerpoint here if you're using this in a workshop environment. 

STEP 3:  Watch the video!  This video shows you how the things you care about are related to voting and to policies that affect you.

What we did in 2015...

In year one, we conducted a Get Out the Vote Campaign with the help of our incredible Street Team volunteers. Here are a few campaign highlights:

  •  91 900+ users reached over Twitter in 7 weeks;

  •  600  face-to-face conversations with youth across Alberta about where, when & how to vote;

  • 300 hard-copy election information tools distributed;

  • 5 100+ views of our online voting resources.

This project is made possible by the support of:

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Thank you to our partners & supporters of 2015: