Do Not Cancel Toronto’s 2011 Global Marijuana March!

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When: 10:56 AM April 1, 2010 to 10:57 AM May 7, 2010


The 5th annual Toronto Freedom Festival (TFF) was scheduled for Saturday May 7th. It is Toronto’s largest FREE one-day outdoor spring festival. Recently they learned their permit for Queen’s Park North was being revoked by East York District Parks, coming just a few months before scheduled festivities. For months TFF organizers requested face-to-face meetings to discuss their concerns and plans for improving and safely expanding TFF in 2011. During the process organizers were never alerted that their permit was being revoked or in jeopardy. TFF supporters worldwide feel like the City of Toronto is once again infringing on people’s rights at Queen’s Park North.

The 13th Global Marijuana March (GMM) will attract over 20,000 once again this year on May 7th with or without TFF’s infrastructural support. Ron Marzel, the lawyer for the GMM, advised that he is puzzled by the City’s decision. “Doesn’t the City realize that tens of thousands of people are going to assemble and protest regardless? Why the City would wish to eliminate their partner in maintaining infrastructure and keeping order at this protest makes no sense to me.”

Log a formal complaint to the Toronto East York District Parks c/o Richard Ubbens.

Complaints can also be made to the Mayor's office:

Contact information:

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