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Mother Peace

Mother Peace

Mother Peace

is an Apathy is Boring artist.

I support:

Two ways you can make a difference:

  • Pick a place, an agency or a non-profit organization that deals with an issue that’s close to your heart and commit to that...
  • Take a moment to think of those who are in refugee camps without enough food to eat, let alone going without the latest iPod. Stop those conversations that bore you, or walk away quietly...

Kristin Smith, otherwise known as Mother Peace

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What music are you listening to / art are you checking out these days?

Some of the mainstream stuff like Beyonce, Keri Hilson and Kanye West with a main diet of my true school hip hop collection: Amanda Diva, Othello, Mos Def, Z-Trip, The Perceptionists, Blueprint….too many to name

Why should people, especially youth, vote?

Youth have a clearer perception of life and how it is supposed to be, there are good things about idealism. Vision is less clouded with petty details so they are better able to see who is genuinely working towards our best interests and who is not.

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Mother Peace


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