Press Release - Are You a Voter? - 2011 Fall Elections

by Apathy is Boring — November 18, 2011

Are You a Voter?


Montreal, Quebec
September 27th, 2011

Apathy is Boring launches "Are You a Voter?" campaign for upcoming provincial and territorial elections.

With elections scheduled in eight different provinces and territories this fall, Apathy is Boring has launched the "Are You a Voter?" a campaign to engage young Canadians in the democratic process.

During the federal election this spring, Apathy is Boring had more that 2,000,000 interactions with young Canadians through social media. The "Are You a Voter?" campaign builds on that success by asking youth to consider their role in Canada's democracy, and by providing them with the information they need to cast an informed vote. This fall, Apathy is Boring will be offering the following resources to young voters:

  • "How To Vote" Guides developed based on the questions youth have asked us about voting, and providing answers in plain English (and French);
  • Ontario Party Profiles that offer a non-partisan, youth-friendly summary of the background and policies of every registered political party in Ontario;
  • Three Ontario Votes is a new educational tool that lets Ontarians vote using three different electoral systems—first past the post, alternative vote, and proportional representation—and see how these options affect the results;
  • Answers to voting questions sent to Apathy is Boring through Twitter and Facebook;
  • Video message from Apathy is Boring, featuring Jian Ghomeshi, The Most Serene Republic, The Midway State, JRDN, Lauren Toyota, Nicole Holness, and Johnny Hockin, encouraging young voters to get out to the polls.

“Voting is a habit. Apathy is Boring is actively encouraging youth to get out to the polls and develop that habit with our 'Are You a Voter?' campaign. This campaign will provide youth with the tools they need, so that when we ask ‘Are You a Voter?’ they will answer ‘Yes.’”

Ilona Dougherty, co-Founder and Executive Director, Apathy is Boring

This fall, voters will go to the polls in British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, the Northwest Territories, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon. The “Are You a Voter?” campaign is part of Apathy is Boring’s ongoing commitment to engage Canada’s youth in the democratic process.

About Apathy is Boring

Since 2004, Apathy is Boring, a national non-partisan youth-led charitable organization, has been using art and technology to educate youth about democracy and encourage them to become active citizens.


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For more information contact:
Émile Thomas, Communications and Events Coordinator, 514-844-2472.


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