Do Not Cancel Toronto’s 2011 Global Marijuana March!

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Date limite: May 7th, 2011


The 5th annual Toronto Freedom Festival (TFF) was scheduled for Saturday May 7th. It is Toronto’s largest FREE one-day outdoor spring festival. Recently they learned their permit for Queen’s Park North was being revoked by East York District Parks, coming just a few months before scheduled festivities. For months TFF organizers requested face-to-face meetings to discuss their concerns and plans for improving and safely expanding TFF in 2011. During the process organizers were never alerted that their permit was being revoked or in jeopardy. TFF supporters worldwide feel like the City of Toronto is once again infringing on people’s rights at Queen’s Park North.

The 13th Global Marijuana March (GMM) will attract over 20,000 once again this year on May 7th with or without TFF’s infrastructural support. Ron Marzel, the lawyer for the GMM, advised that he is puzzled by the City’s decision. “Doesn’t the City realize that tens of thousands of people are going to assemble and protest regardless? Why the City would wish to eliminate their partner in maintaining infrastructure and keeping order at this protest makes no sense to me.”

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Meika HofmannDO NOT LET CANADA TURN INTO A POLICE STATE! I refuse to see another mishap similar to the G20. Mass unjust arrests on peaceful protesters, police brutality and sexual harassment. Not in my city. Not again. 1 avril 2011
Marcella Raphael 1 avril 2011
Brad Munro 4 avril 2011
Aferrante 8 avril 2011
Quadra Boyle11 avril 2011
Elizaveta TcherkassovaLike written above, we will still be there no matter what anybody says! 13 avril 2011
Emily Levinethis is wrong, very wrong. the freedom festival is one of torontos greatest peaceful protest and we have to right to express our veiws on marijuana AT LEAST one day of the year..14 avril 2011
jonathon pleau!15 avril 2011
Sam Webber It will happen regardless. Why not have some say in where it does? 19 avril 2011
Shannon BrownPlease do not cancel! We need this, it's our right to have this!20 avril 2011
Darrel 420!20 avril 2011
Leonel Munoz24 avril 2011
Jamie Lee Rogers28 avril 2011
josh burkartwhy.. its a peacful event. it has generated 3.5 million for toronto almost every year 1 mai 2011
Rochelle w 1 mai 2011
nikkiyou bettterrrrr run this maarch, either way running or not ILL BE THERE. 2 mai 2011
Jena 2 mai 2011
Dylan Chauvin-Smiththis really angers me 2 mai 2011
Jillian 2 mai 2011
Katharine Thompson 3 mai 2011
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