Through its innovative and creative ways of engaging youth, Apathy is Boring has proven itself to be one of the most relevant and important organizations reconnecting young people to the democratic process.
— Lisa Drouillard Director, Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement Elections Canada


2015 represents a great opportunity for youth engagement and voter turnout in Canada. In previous years, youth voter turnout was seeing a steady decline. The 2015 Federal election however, saw an 18% increase in youth voter turnout since 2011 and represents a promising trend in youth civic engagement. 

In 2015,  57.1% of youth between the ages of 18 and 24 voted in the federal election, the highest voter turnout among that demographic in two decades. Many of those voters were first time voters, and most Canadians who vote during the first two elections after they become eligible continue to be voters for the rest of their lives. 

Apathy is Boring sees Canada 150 as a unique non-partisan opportunity to build on this momentum and support youth engagement and empowerment. 


A Canada where every young Canadian is an active and creative citizen, and youth are meaningfully engaged in all aspects of the democratic process.


Apathy is Boring is a non-partisan charitable organization that uses art and technology to educate youth about democracy, with the aim of increasing youth voter turnout, increasing youth engagement in the democratic process, and building a sustainable dialogue between youth and decision makers. 


Our Get Involved Program encourages youth to get involved in their communities and democracy through creative projects and partnerships.

Our Voting Program works to increase youth voter turnout rates through mobilization campaigns in federal, provincial and municipal elections. We also conduct research projects which focuses on improving youth mobilization tactics.

Our Youth-Friendly Program gives civil society and government the concrete tools they need to engage youth in decision-making, through workshops, organizational audits and other 'Youth Friendly' Services and resources.


Every activity undertaken by Apathy is Boring begins with a discussion of the research that we need to do. Starting with this “homework” has two benefits: it ensures that we’ve correctly identified and analyzed the problems we’re tackling, and it helps us be efficient. We draw on knowledge from both practitioners and researchers. If there’s a lack of information, we start by conducting our own research.

Apathy is Boring is not afraid to experiment and innovate. Before we commit to a new activity, we test different ways to accomplish our mission. We also gather program level and strategic level data for each of our activities and programs. This data is used not only to evaluate the performance of each activity and program, but also allows us to identify high- impact solutions for the problems we’re tackling.

Apathy is Boring is a social innovator in the field of youth engagement. After testing and refining an activity, our next step is to maximize its impact. When we have the capacity to do so, we expand the reach of our own programs. Otherwise, we give our ideas away. By taking this “open source” approach and sharing our knowledge and strategies with other youth engagement stakeholders, Apathy is Boring can affect far more youth than any one organization could ever reach directly.


YOUTH AS DECISION-MAKERS We believe that creating spaces for dialogue and decision-making opportunities for youth are critical to youth engagement in democracy.

IMPACT We believe in solving the problem of declining youth engagement in democracy, not just raising awareness about it. We make sure our work has impact.

REACHING THE UNENGAGED We believe in doing the hard work to reach and activate unengaged youth. 


Find out more about us and our projects by consulting our annual report:

INTERGENERATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS We believe in the importance and value of intergenerational partnerships. 

LOW-RISK ENTRY POINTS We believe in going to where young people are and not expecting young people to come to us, and that sometimes taking the first step towards civic engagement is the most important one.

PROVIDING CHOICES AND INFORMATION We believe in providing information in an accessible way to educate and inform young people. We don’t believe in preaching.