Celeste Alcena

Ottawa RISE Project Coordinator


Celeste is passionate about creating and holding space for community growth and healing. Throughout her time in Ottawa, she has been involved with a number of grassroots organizations and groups working towards social, environmental, and economic justice, including her roles as a board member for OPIRG-Carleton and as the community outreach coordinator for Yoga Unity. As a queer, Black artist, she is dedicated to bringing together other QTBIPOC youth within Ottawa to cultivate meaningful connections and change through creative expression. She is a firm believer in the power of community-based learning amongst peers with similar lived experiences.  

Celeste holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Carleton University. As an emerging researcher within the field of environmental studies, Celeste’s interests surround the broader theme of environmental injustice both in Canada and the Caribbean. Her research examines the intergenerational connection that Black Caribbean people have to the water as well as the ways in which “natural” disaster discourses and environmental racism threaten processes of collective liberation and healing for Caribbean people, lands, and waters. 

“Apathy is Boring is truly an organization made for youth, led by youth. I am grateful to be part of a team that is so energetically committed to equipping youth with the skills and confidence needed to be active change-makers and leaders within their communities!”