Christale Terris

RISE Program Coordinator - Montreal


Christale was born and raised in “Sudbury, Ontario” on the traditional territory of the Anishinabewake people. She is a settler, Métis, queer, who's aspiring to become an artist and loves community organizing. She began volunteering at a young age and learned quickly the value of community-oriented work for building a more just world and how status-quo narratives devalue this work.

To help her contribute to movements for collective liberation, Christale pursued a degree in Public Policy and Community Development at Concordia University. During this time she became deeply involved with student organizing, in particular the food movement, and learned invaluable skills that have helped her become who she is today. She is an experienced event planner, facilitator, and community cook, who loves working with others and watching them shine.

At the pace of a snail, she is currently pursuing a double major in Intermedia Art and Design. When she has nothing to do, she loves reading dystopic novels, roller skating, jumping in large bodies of water, and spoiling the people she loves.

"The child version of myself would be floored to know that I would one day have the chance to work at an organization that not only pays a living wage but shares some of my values for a more just and equitable world."