Daniel Twijuke

Fund Development Coordinator

Through his time earning a BA in Transnational Law and Human Rights at Carleton University as well as an MA in Public Policy and Public Administration at Concordia, Daniel came to understand the value of non-state governance and advocacy in promoting human rights globally. Most of his work revolved around understanding the complex role NGOs play alongside states in upholding human rights standards specifically within the contexts of refugee policy, immigration, and conflict prevention. 

As a telephone fundraiser for Concordia, he came to understand the critical role fundraising plays in granting NGOs the capacity to implement their programming prompting him to pick an interest in fundraising and project management work.

“Working at Apathy is Boring is a great opportunity because I can reflect on the enormous role the non-profit sector plays in legitimizing Canada’s democracy. It definitely is an honour to contribute to that process through my role as a Fund Development Coordinator.”