Dena Anwar

Social Media & Content Manager

Dena is a sucker for great branding and tends to literally swoon when that branding is tied to passionate and moving stories. Having studied International Management, Marketing, and Anthropology at her time in university she found a sweet spot for connecting visual aesthetics, compelling stories, and business strategies to be tied back to a human connection. 

After working as a social media manager for multiple restaurants, she opened up her own Social Media & Content Creation agency where she worked with an array of businesses, always loving the personal connection. Craving an opportunity to expand and tap further into the power of social media for change and community building, Apathy is Boring was the perfect next step to her story.

"Joining the Apathy is Boring team is an exciting opportunity for me to use my storytelling and 'make it look pretty' skills with an organization making a highly needed impact on our culture as Canadian youth!"