Elections Dialogue in Alberta

Apathy is Boring and Elections Alberta partnered for a four-year project to encourage youth to vote by conducting peer-to-peer outreach, providing young voters with elections information, developing resources with non-profit partners in both Edmonton and Calgary, and rallying the nonprofit sector around youth electoral engagement.

What we did in 2019...

Election Year! We followed up our registration drive from 2018 with one final push to the provincial election in April. We sent out more street teams to continue adding youth to the voters list. We also created infographics with all the information people need in order to vote, along with some motivation so they know that their vote matters. Take a look at our final report to see how we guided Alberta youth to the polls.


What we did in 2018...

In 2018, we built a creative registration drive and worked alongside community organizations, community initiatives and student councils in universities in Edmonton and Calgary to encourage young Albertans to register to vote. We used this opportunity to educate youth on the importance of using their democratic voice to impact provincial decisions under the belief that the best way to support positive voting behaviour is to meet with youth where they are. See our activities and the impact in the report below!


What we did in 2017...

For this year, we continued to build on the connections we made last year and to develop new relationships. Through outreach initiatives, we were able to conduct 20 workshops across Alberta in Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Red Deer, and Fort McMurray. In line with our for youth by youth mission, we hired two young Albertans, Andrew Ng and Jonathan Spaner who were trained to conduct workshops in their respective cities, Calgary and Edmonton, and others.