Erika De Torres

Impact and Development Director


Erika immigrated from the Philippines to Canada when they were six, becoming a Canadian citizen when they were 10. Since then, Erika developed a great interest in Canadian democracy and participates as much as they can. They completed an MA in Political Science at McGill University and a BA in Political Science from Simon Fraser University. Their MA research examined whether or not place of residence affects an individual's political preferences in Canada. They worked in higher education as a teaching assistant, research assistant, and supported a variety of academic departments. 

Erika previously worked with a number of non-profits in Vancouver and North Vancouver. They facilitated workshops on anti-discrimination and anti-oppression, obtained grants and funds, organized conferences, festivals, concerts, workshops, collaborated with partner organizations and worked directly with youth and young people to support them. 

"Apathy is Boring leads in youth empowerment using the model of Youth Led Democratic Innovation through its engaging programs. I'm so proud to be a part of an organization that puts action to words - working for youth, with youth, and it's by youth!"