Francesca Désulmé

Outreach Coordinator


Grab a mixer.

Add Creativity, Positivity, Open Mindedness, Fun, People Oriented, Social Awareness and Engagement and you get a taste of what it's like to know Francesca. Early on, as she grew up in Haïti, Francesca developed a strong desire to see positive changes happen in her community. She soon found out that not all actors in power, nationally or globally, were truly citizen focused.

Wanting to "mix" her desire for change and her passion for communications, she pursued a diploma in Communications and International Development at the Université du Québec en Outaouais and a Graduate Diploma in Public Relations at McGill University.  

Francesca dreams of a world where people's intersectional identities could coexist in harmony with a preserved environment. You could cross paths on her "discovery weekends" in Canada's various towns, enjoying nature, painting or longboarding.

"I learned about Apathy is Boring at a youth elections viewing party. The concept attracted me instantly and I fell in love when I learned the organization was BY youth and FOR youth with a purpose to encourage more of us to engage in our society. Now, I not only share my values with the org, I also get to work there! Talk about hitting the jackpot!"