Guyaatu Boru

RISE Program Coordinator - Winnipeg


Guyaatu holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Rights and Politics from the University of Winnipeg. Her passion for activism began after high school when she was a participant in Canada World Youth with nine other Canadians alongside nine from Ukraine. This sparked her passion for community development and speaking up for what’s right. 

Upon graduating, Guyaatu began her work in the community as a coordinator for a non-profit, supporting opportunities for inner city youth in Winnipeg, and in her time in that role, helped many of them secure employment, scholarship opportunities and establish a well-resourced guide for community partners.

In her free time, you'll catch Guyaatu enjoying the sunny weather in Winnipeg or going for a hike exploring Manitoba’s national and provincial parks. 

"I am proud to work for an organization that fundamentally believes in educating and amplifying young people's voices."