Haidee Pangilinan

Communications Intern


Haidee was born in Castillejos, Philippines before immigrating to Turtle Island with her family. She’s a recent graduate from McGill University, where she received her BA in Sociology and International Development Studies. Haidee is guided by principles of intersectionality, and teachings of decolonization and anti oppression, which she brings with her not only into her professional work but also day to day life. Currently, she lives in Vancouver. In the future, she hopes to start a career in Social Work, and eventually get around to backpacking across Europe. Eventually. 

If Haidee was a fruit, it would be an avocado. Rough on the outside, soft on the inside, but underneath that layer of softness is an even tougher centre. A Taurus through and through.

“I think many people overlook youth as a cohort. People might reason that because we are young, we don’t know any better. I think to dismiss youth completely is unproductive. We live in this world, too; it’s our future that’s at stake and we should have a say in it.”