Heather Nagy

Finance and Operations Director


Born and raised in Scarborough, Heather moved to Montreal at the age of 19. At Concordia University she pursued a degree in Sociology and also got heavily involved in the community organizations on campus. From there she witnessed the social issues she was studying in action, and became more and more formally involved whether as a volunteer, board member, or staff member. Over time, Heather gained many years of knowledge and experience while working at multiple non profits and charities in Canada. She is excited to put those years of administrative organizational skills to use as the new Finance and Operations Manager for Apathy is Boring.

"Apathy is Boring brings unique social support to Canada's democracy through the engagement of youth. While youth take on decision making roles, I'm excited to help analyze, discuss, and ultimately demystify organizational inter workings so we can all keep our eye on the prize of being active citizens and shaping our communities!"