Jerika Caduhada

RISE Program Coordinator - Vancouver


Long driven to imagine better and to dream a future into being, Jerika has spent her years co-creating better futures with youth and for youth. As a teenager, this began with working at a student-led non-profit to provide school supplies for hundreds of students in her home province in the Philippines. More recently, this has manifested as advocacy work at the post-secondary level. From sitting as faculty president to board director at a provincial non-profit, Jerika has been a voice for ethnic and racial equity, decolonization, gender inclusion, and the uplifting and recognition of youth, especially those marginalized, as changemakers. These experiences were the fortuitous catalysts to many realizations about leadership and community building that remain with her today.

Jerika recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature & Spanish with a minor in Transitional Justice. She is holding the knowledge she learned from university close to her heart as she moves forward in pursuing justice and exploring the intersection of art and storytelling with social change, now through the inspiring space of Apathy is Boring.

"At the core of all things, Apathy is Boring's RISE program is a lesson on collective imagining and the power of youth to envision and build better. I am so thrilled to be able to witness this lesson take place and support an organization as meaningful and positive as this."