Johise Namwira

Winnipeg RISE Project Coordinator


Johise is a recent graduate of Oxford University where she completed a Master's degree in African Studies, focusing on sexual violence in the context of transitional justice. She holds an honours B.A in Women and Gender Studies from the University of Manitoba and her research has focused on gender, human rights and violence against women. She has over 5 years of experience working in human rights advocacy as well as public engagement with media outlets, high profile politicians and diverse community groups. 

Johise has had the opportunity to engage with social justice issues in national as well as international settings when she was first chosen among 338 Daughters of the Vote in Ottawa, secondly among 40 international students attending the United Nations Summer Intensive Program in New York and lastly as a panel speaker at the Racialization and Publicness in Africa and the Diaspora Conference in Oxford, UK. As a proud Congolese-Canadian, Johise uses her voice to encourage and empower the visibility of young women like her.

"I was drawn to Apathy is Boring because of its vibrant and engaging outlook on youth involvement in Canada's democracy. Coming from a country of war, voting and civic engagement is a privilege that I don't take for granted. AisB gives me the opportunity to encourage youth to recognize their civic rights and be active citizens in their communities."