Kate MacDonald

Halifax RISE Project Coordinator


Kate Macdonald was born and raised in K’jipuktuk (popularized as Halifax). She is of African Nova Scotian descent, something very integral and grounding in the work she does. Kate studied Performance Acting at Ryerson University. In 2016, she began involving herself in conversations and art rooted in marginalized communities creating their own representation in media. Out of this desire for influencing representation she co-created The Magic Project. Kate also works as a facilitator and youth programmer for organizations in multiple cities across Canada. She hopes to continue work that creates spaces for youth and community alike to celebrate their identities and experiences. 

“What I like about Apathy is Boring is that the youth voice comes first. They are our future and prioritized. We, as a team,  are here to amplify and support them so they can build a future reflective of their own identities and experiences.”