Kimberly Coulombe

Research Intern

Before joining the team, Kimberly interned at the riding office of Catherine Fournier, MNA of Marie-Victorin and worked at l'Institut du Nouveau Monde as an assistant to project managers and then as a mobilization coordinator.

As a change maker herself, Kimberly moved into action with her friends by founding Inclusion Jeunesse — Youth Inclusion, a youth-led initiative based in Montréal which aims to address issues of representation. Kimberly is also one of the 16 members of Amnesty International's Global Youth Collective and currently sits on the board of the organization in Canada's french speaking branch.

Her firm conviction to make the world a better place has granted her the prize of the undergraduate personality of l'UQAM (2020). Kimberly holds a certificate in immigration and interethnic relations from l'Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and is currently finishing her BA in political science at the same university.

"The work of Apathy is Boring empowers young people to do what they know best: be decision-makers and leaders."