Kyle Visvanathan

RISE Program Manager - West


Being a hyper-curious child, Kyle has always been perplexed with the question of "how are we supposed to live- as individuals and as a collective?" Naturally, this led him to a degree in philosophy from the University of Toronto with this big takeaway: we must structure our individual lives around building just, fair and equitable spaces for all of us.

Kyle’s first step in applying this newfound understanding was connecting with the people at the forefront of building this type of society: young people! During the 2019 federal election, he had hundreds of conversations with students about the issues they face in their lives and how they have the power to change them when they engage with their democracy. Since then, he's continued to mobilize and organize around youth issues.

"Young people are at the centre of social change. We’re cutting-edge innovators and visionary dreamers. We’re relentless contributors and unapologetic advocates. Given the positive effect Apathy is Boring has on communities across Canada, working here is exactly how I imagined I’d answer that question on how to live.”