You know that old saying that it's taboo to discuss politics at the dinner table? Well, we say F*** THAT! Research shows the more a young person talks about politics and becomes familiar with what's happening in their community, the more likely they are to be spurred into actions like activism and voting. But if your parents, partner, or roommates don't want to get into it with you, where are you going to get the chance to rant about how great or terrible the government is?

That's why we created Table Topics.

For each event, we pick a topic that's newsworthy or relevant to young changemakers, and then invite a group of panelists from that field to share their experiences and wisdom. That's followed by breakout room sessions where you can be placed into Zoom breakout rooms to meet other youth from across Canada, reflect on what you've learned, and share your experiences in relation to the topic. The idea is to get you comfortable with sharing your opinions and listening to others, which hopefully equals more respectful dialogue! Fight back those trolls.

And of course, it's always better when we chat over food! We provide a credit to youth who sign up so they can order some delivery to enjoy before, during or after the event. It's only fair that we feed your stomachs and your minds at the same time.