Tayana Simpson

Finance and Administrative Coordinator


Tayana is a graduate student at McGill in Political Science and Gender Studies, with research focusing on conceptions of femininity and masculinity in instances of state centered violence. Coming from BC, Tayana completed a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Gender studies at the University of British Columbia. During her Bachelor's, Tayana worked as the Editor in Chief of the UBCO Newspaper, The Phoenix, as well as founded the student academic journal, That's What [We] Said, both of which encouraged her to continue her passion for activism.

Tayana has also traveled to Palestine and is currently involved in activism with organizations surrounding a just peace in Palestine. She is passionate about global justice, specifically for Indigenous peoples, as well as the political intersection of identity and policy. After her Master's, Tayana hopes to continue onto law school specializing in human rights law, so she can utilize her experiences and education to make a difference in the lives of individuals who need it.

"I am so incredibly excited to be working with Apathy is Boring! Being engaged in politics is something that I see as so important to the future of our nation, and our world, and I believe the work Apathy is Boring is doing is vital to making a difference. Being a part of this organization is an inspiration, and a dream come true."