Terence D'Souza

Terence is a community builder, passionate about how young people can meaningfully engage in and transform democracy. He currently works in Public Affairs at Rideau Hall (OSGG), serving Her Excellency Mary Simon, the Governor General of Canada, where he contributes to the office’s media relations and public engagement. He is also pursuing his undergraduate degree in Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Ottawa.

Previously an intern at Apathy is Boring, Terence was inspired by democratic innovation. He has worked on projects empowering youth leadership in areas like community development, employment and education, with organizations including Taking IT Global, the Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity and Together|Ensemble. He also co-founded and serves as the Managing Director of Young Ontarians United, a youth-led research group that amplifies young Ontarians’ voices.

His work has only reinforced his firm belief that there is nothing more important than building an informed and engaged generation of young voters.