In 2018, we RISE.

An initiative under Canada Service Corps, RISE is designed to help young people find ways to co-create community projects and contribute in strengthening our civic and democratic fabric by engaging on topics that interest them. 

Over the course of two years, RISE will be developing 25 community projects across 7 cities: Edmonton, Ottawa, Montréal, Toronto, Iqaluit, Halifax and Vancouver.

Photo by Elijah Williams
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Photos by Elijah Williams

Photos by Elijah Williams

Are you interested in the theme of Social Inclusion? Are you between the ages of 18-30? We're currently recruiting for volunteer RISE Ambassadors in Edmonton, Ottawa and Montreal and we would love for you to apply! 

RISE Ambassadors will be the lead creatives behind the community initiatives in each city. This role requires a commitment of an average of 6 hours per week for five months between February 5th, 2018 and July 2nd 2018. All selected RISE Ambassadors will be invited for a kick-off retreat in Quebec from February 23rd to 26th with all expenses paid.

RISE is built for young people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. So whether you have little to no experience within your community or you are a seasoned volunteer and community organizer, we want you to apply! The deadline to apply is January 24th! Interested? 

Not in Edmonton, Ottawa or Montreal? Don't worry. RISE will be coming to Toronto, Iqaluit, Vancouver and Halifax! Watch this space for updates soon.

Meet our local project coordinators:

Danielle Lediard, Ottawa Hub Coordinator

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Jamie Zarn, Edmonton Hub Coordinator

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 Ivan Escobar, Montreal Hub Coordinator

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“Democratic participation sometimes seems like it can be a mystery – where can I go to get answers to my questions? What can I do to be heard? How can I get involved in my democracy and community in meaningful ways? The RISE program is so important, because it helps highlight all of the important ways that we, as youth, can participate and make change in our communities, provinces, and Canada as a whole.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you and all of the other people who want to participate in RISE! We all come from different places, communities, and backgrounds, and I can’t wait to see what kind of amazing projects we can come up with together.”


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"I love that RISE is entirely youth-led. I think this is an essential and remarkable opportunity to show the broader community the amazing commitment youth have for creating better communities once given the opportunity to be heard. I’m incredibly curious to learn from the volunteers about what they find meaningful to be exploring in the community."


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"RISE will allow us to create safe spaces for youth from different backgrounds to come together to build dialogue and meaningful relationships. Engaging youth through art and community activities will amplify our voices and create networks of support that will empower our communities and us.

I’m looking forward to building an inclusive community of critical leaders that challenge systemic discrimination and create opportunities for underprivileged youth."


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