Apathy is Boring was founded in 2004, when a choreographer, a filmmaker, and a fashion photographer met at a party. Troubled by how few of their friends were actively participating in Canada's democracy, they started an online campaign to mobilize youth to vote during the 2004 federal election. 15 years later, Apathy is Boring works year round to support young people to take charge of the conditions that they live in. 

*Apathy is Boring is a non-partisan organization. Our goal is to educate all Canadian youth about democracy. What does it mean to be non-partisan? It means that Apathy is Boring doesn't support or oppose any given party, candidate, political campaign, or policy so when discussing partisan topics, we stick to the facts.

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Dilemma: You want to be an informed voter and know what’s happening in Canadian politics but you find the old school media boring, stuffy and hard to read. We got you. Hitting inboxes every two weeks, The Feed : our own Newsletter to keep you in the know of all things Canadian policy and culture. It’s short. It’s witty. It’s everything that would impress a Tinder date. 

Basically, you’ll eat it up. Pun intended. 


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