Meet our Fall 2019 Ambassadors

Anai Lloyd-Jones

Hey! When I’m not in the classroom or the lab at UofT, I enjoy hot yoga, trying new food spots and watching shows that tap into the future.

I rise so I can be an active and civically engaged young person who is able to positively contribute to youth engagement. Specifically, youth engagement that aims to develop stronger communities, positive discourse surrounding the environment, and engages diverse populations that are often not included in these spaces. As a part of RISE I hope to gain more knowledge, be inspired and inspire youth to become more involved in creating community projects!

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Jamie Gladman

Hello! I was born in Toronto and have live in this area for most of my life. I enjoy spending time outdoors and love traveling! I’ve spent most of the last few years travelling Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia. While on my travels, I saw firsthand a lot of the damage to communities and the oceans in those parts of the world from mass consumption and several issues that sparked the passion inside me to do something about it.

I’m a conscious consumer and hope to engage and encourage other youth to get involved and give back! I love this planet and the people on it so I strive to work together to benefit us all.

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Jennifer Looi

Born and raised in Toronto, I worked in the States for a few years and am excited to be back in the city. I love thinking and talking about equity issues, and geeking out about data in my day job.

I joined RISE because I’m interested in driving positive change in my community, and getting to do so with people outside of my bubble.

Justice Tomlinson

Hey! I spend most of my time doing school, cooking, training, doing political stuff, and talking to people. 

I’m part of RISE because I’m passionate about community and want to see Toronto become a better place. I hope to get out of RISE the knowledge that I’ve made a tangible difference in people’s lives!

Juwairihya Rafi

Hey! My name is Juwairihya (pronounced: jew-wear-ree-yeah).  Recently, a fire regarding climate change, the environment and food/waste management has been ignited in my heart. With this new found passion, I hope to fan the flames and inspire my peers to take charge of their future and prompt action within their own communities.

RISE is giving me the space to do just that!  In my free time, you’ll likely catch me listening to thriller/mystery/murder related podcasts and finding new music to listen to on spotify.

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Shaurya Kishore

Hello! I identify myself as a global citizen who is passionate about building a world of smart and caring citizens who care about their communities and constantly try to make life better for everyone.

I joined RISE because I wanted to work for an organization that is creating opportunities for youth in decision-making spaces. Also don’t you hate it when a sentence doesn’t end the way you octopus.

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Sydney Mendoza

Hi! I’m an engineering student born and raised in Toronto with hopes of pursuing a career in clean energy. When I’m not at school I enjoy dancing and creating different types of art. I particularly like this year’s environmental theme as I am trying to adopt a more sustainable way of living with a focus on my impact on the environment.

I’m super excited to be a part of RISE because I believe it will help me make connections with others that share a passion for both the environment and the betterment of society!

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Yoyo Cheung

Hi there! Currently in Toronto, although home is both Vancouver and Toronto. Taking a year off to focus on social issues I’m passionate about, so catch me hopping coffee-shops during the week, I’m always happy to chat. As someone that’s trying to live a zero-waste/low-impact lifestyle the environment is something I hold close to my heart.

RISE is giving me the opportunity to bring more awareness to the issue of climate change through collaboration with an awesome group of individuals.

Words to describe me: Professional Cat Lady, Tea Devotee, Zero Waste Enthusiast & Nature Lover.

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enviropediaTO is an online resource guide aiming to lower the waste footprints of youth (target audience = 18-30) in Toronto. Weekly Instagram campaigns around the themes of food, fashion, electronics, and household items will share tips and tricks, highlight local change-making initiatives, and invite audiences to participate in a themed challenge. The campaign will culminate in an event that brings together local experts and youth participants to explore lowering waste through practical hands-on workshops.

Follow their journey on Insta: @aisbrise_to and @enviropediaTO

Meet the Toronto Mentors

Diana Wei Dei

Coming to Canada as an international student, Diana thinks it is essential to be proactive in being a part of society. One of her most proud achievements is co-founding the Zero Waste UTM student club with four friends who share her passion for zero waste lifestyle. This passion also led her to volunteer with the bare market, a package-free lifestyle pop-up shop.

As a proud Alumni of RISE, she wants to stay and contribute as much as she can with the knowledge she has, to learn more and grow in this community. The cohort’s focus is environmental issues, and Diana is currently studying sustainability management.

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Erin Kang

She is the founder of Stories of Ours, a grassroots project using stories and art to challenge dominant narratives, deepen community, and invite intersectional solidarity. She co-chairs the Programming Committee for Toronto Ward Museum, a “museum without walls” delivering community-engaged programming that emphasizes untold or under-shared histories. Erin works primarily as a facilitator and curriculum-writer, and currently leads the Ontario Nonprofit Network’s Reimagining Governance Initiative.

RISE espouses Erin’s belief in the power of collaborative, community-based work. She hopes to share her extensive network, strange work experience, and commitment to working from a foundation of anti-oppressive pedagogy with the RISE community.

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