Travelling Table Topics

After 13 Table Topics events, we are making room for Travelling Table Topics: led and designed by Canadian youth, for Canadian youth like YOU.

We offer them the tools and resources they need to take ownership of the concept and give it a personal touch.

We hope to see you at one of these events!

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Travelling Table Topics I

July 3, 2023 at 6pm EST

Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression in Youth Leadership

Integrating an Anti-Racsim and Anti-Oppression (ARAO) lens in your youth leadership work is critical in creating an accessible and effective initiative, non-profit, and/or company or whatever it is you are developing because ARAO is everywhere. ARAO means learning and unlearning colonial structures deeply ingrained into our society and being mindful of the conscious and unconscious ways we enable them. These can be biases and prejudices that we have picked up over time or things we have learnt from western media where people of colour are often portrayed in a stereotypical way. ARAO also means that we utilize strategies and practices that challenge and counter

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Travelling Table Topics II

August 3, 2023 at 6pm EST

The ABCs of First Aide

First aid provides immediate care to injured or ill individuals before professional medical help arrives. By knowing how to administer basic first aid, the general public can take immediate action in emergency situations, potentially saving lives and preventing further harm or complications. The presentation aims to raise awareness for these life-saving measures and potentially save a life. It will include information on basic life support (BLS), initial response to emergencies, treating medical emergencies and choking.

Rowan Ghalayini is a fourth-year nursing undergraduate student with the goal of becoming a nurse educator. She is located in Toronto, Ontario. As a fourth-year nursing student, Rowan has gained valuable hands-on experience through her clinical placements in hospitals and community health centers across Toronto. These experiences have allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities of patient care, while also honing her ability to work collaboratively within multidisciplinary teams.

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Travelling Table Topics III

August 12th, 2023 at 7pm EST

Mental Health

Raneem will share her expertise with you as she explores the significance of addressing mental health in general. Common misconceptions surrounding mental health and emphasis on the importance of empathy, compassion, will be discussed. As mental health experiences affect people of all backgrounds, ages, and professions, this event will be especially valuable for educators, healthcare professionals, employers, and community leaders who play essential roles in creating inclusive environments that prioritize mental health.

Raneem Ghalayini is a nurse with a passion for mental health. Born and raised in Toronto, she has always had a curiosity for healthcare. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University). Raneem finds joy in making patients feel comfortable and safe, and is constantly seeking new opportunities for personal growth and learning. She believes in the power of compassion and strives to make a positive impact in her community. Raneem's passion, dedication, and expertise make her a valuable asset in nursing. She is committed to advocating for her patients and looks forward to improving mental health recognition for all patients, regardless of the area of care they are receiving.

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Travelling Table Topics IV

August 26th, 2023 at 2 - 4pm

Learning Loop  

Taïna est une artiste multimédia et une organisatrice communautaire d’origine haïtienne et camerounaise née à Montréal. Le travail de Taïna explore les relations entre le futur, le passé et le présent à travers une perspective culturelle noire et cherche à créer des narratifs au-delà du narratif culturel dominant qui invisibilise souvent les personnes Noires, Autochtones et de couleurs. Son travail est axé sur la recherche et s’inspire de l’histoire, de la fantaisie et de la science-fiction pour explorer le concept de l’identité noire. Taïna a débuté l’art du collage en 2020. Depuis, elle a fait partie de plusieurs expositions collectives et a eu une exposition personnelle. Elle anime également des ateliers sur des thèmes tels que l’art, l’identité, la justice sociale et l’éducation.

Travelling Table Topics V

August 27th, 2023 at 1pm - 3pm CST

Queer Belonging

The topic of our event is Queer Belonging - highlighting the importance of queer community, and how to foster it. The event is targeted at youth ages 18-30. 

We’re aiming for this to be a discussion style event, including opportunities to ask questions to event participants. Anyone looking to learn more about fostering queer community and connecting with others is invited to attend.

Laura Boyle was born and raised on Treaty 1 Territory, colonially known as Winnipeg, MB. Following a passion for environmental sustainability, policy, and education, Laura pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2020. Around this time, Laura also came out as gay and is a proud member of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. After struggling in isolation around her own identity, Laura found a passion for fostering community among queer folks and specifically those who identify as lesbian, like herself. This passion led her to co-found Please Say Dyke, a community-based creative lesbian zine that highlights the lesbian experience and identity. After a successful first launch, Laura is excited to continue creating a space and creative community within Please Say Dyke. In her free time, Laura enjoys rock climbing, natural wine, and being outside with friends and loved ones.

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Travelling Table Topics VI

August 30th, 2023 at 6PM PST

Information and Community Resources Night for Farsi Speaking women

Sara Eftekar is a health equity advocate. As a Nurse Practitioner, she has been deeply moved by the injustices experienced by her patients, inspiring her to become an activist. She has actively volunteered with AccessBC, advocating for free prescription contraception, helped implement Canada’s first ever youth policies, published a policy report and advocated for paid leave for survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV) as part of Vancouver Foundation’s Level Program, created public service announcements on the radio about the barriers of health care and represented Canada at the United Nations as the first ever youth delegate. Furthermore, she has served as a Lead Advisor with Hollyburn Community Services, focusing on improving GBV services for BIPOC+ women, and as a consultant with New Westminster School District, working to revitalize their teen dating violence and sexual health curriculum.  She is the elected Vancouver Councillor of Nurses and Nurse practitioners of British Columbia (NNPBC), a Board Member of North Shore Community Resources and sits on the Advisory Child Care Action Board at the City of West Vancouver. She is also an active member of the North Shore Coordinating Committee to End Violence Against Women, spearheading the implementation of forensic nursing services at Lions Gate Hospital.


Travelling Table Topics VIII


September 23rd, 2023 at 1:30pm

A Small Action Toward a Climate Justice Community

Yiming Zhang (he/him) is a recent graduate from UBC Master of Land and Water Systems. He has strong passions in leading projects related to climate mitigation, sustainability, and community engagement with expertise of project management, public communication, and visual design.

As a nature lover, Yiming loves walking in parks and along beaches to find inner peace. Participating in community events and making new friends is also his hobby. Nowadays, he is exploring the role of being an Environmental Writer.


Sayemin Naheen (she/her) is an empathetic sustainability professional committed to fostering a more equitable and inclusive future – one project at a time. As a Policy Analyst for the Province of British Columbia, she lends her expertise to clean transportation policy development.

Born and raised in Bangladesh, Sayemin's passion for sustainable development and social justice has inspired her work with diverse communities in the non-profit, development, and education sectors worldwide. She holds a Master of Arts in Economics from Simon Fraser University.

Deeply connected to Vancouver's sustainability community, Sayemin serves as Co-Director of Mentorship for CEP Vancouver, a Youth Board Member at CityHive, and contributes to the Solastalgia Project, a zine amplifying youth eco-anxiety through art and storytelling. As an alumnus of the US Department of State Exchange Program's Global UGRAD, she brings cross-cultural knowledge and curiosity to her endeavors.

In her free time, Sayemin enjoys exploring nature 🌲, delving into philosophy 📚, learning about different cultures 🌏, and dancing to Afrobeat rhythms 💃. 


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Travelling Table Topics IV


October 15th, 2023 at 1:30pm

Gender Inclusion


Assane Kaba is an Ottavian from Quebec City. Former RISE Ambassador (Cohort 6), he is inquisitive about the commutative nature of global issues in resolving large-scale problems. His principal areas of interest include the social determinants of global health, ecosystem conservation and its impact on public health, and the dynamics economic hegemonies in a globalized world have towards sovereign entities and indigenous communities in post-colonial times. Currently studying International Relations at the University of London, he is convinced that languages are more than mechanisms for communication but rather the means to engage in an interaction founded on openness and empathy towards a culturally-diverse third party, its history and its challenges. Assane is currently co-president of Project Amity, an organization whose aim since its creation in 2019 has been to alleviate social isolation, tracing its objectives around research, awareness-raising and social action initiatives. When he's not busy planning a French tutoring lesson for his tutees, participating in his honorary society's endeavours, or learning new recipes, he can be found in his spare time enjoying a good run. Assane is also a skillful barista. He is passionate about wellness and the role of music in the latter, the themes of humanism and resilience in World War II cinema, and West African literature.

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