Even though young people are at the forefront of many social and political movements, we’re still vastly underrepresented in positions of power where we can create change at a policy level. As issues such as climate change and systemic racism threaten and disadvantage diverse young people, it’s critical that we be influential participants in the institutions and processes that will affect our future. We need innovative solutions born from intersectional collaboration and research literally shows nobody is hardwired to innovate like youth.

BUILD equips young people with advanced and actionable civic knowledge, skills and networks to effectively advocate for change at the institutional level, far beyond the ballot box. By the end of the program, you’ll have a keen understanding of the frontlines of Canada’s democratic system and be better prepared to engage with it.

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BUILD is designed for youth in Canada aged 18 to 30 with little to no previous experience dealing with formal political institutions or campaigns.

Over the course of 14 weeks, you will develop soft and hard skills while learning about advancing political and policy outcomes that are important to you.

By demystifying politics, we’ll break down barriers of access to issues, decision-makers and key civic knowledge. Come away ready to influence Canada’s institutions of power!

Participants are expected to commit to 5-6 hours a week of program time: 2-3 hours online as a group via Zoom and 3 hours of personal experiential learning.

Online sessions take you through a series of modules designed to give you the tools necessary to harness your political agency. Learn from those in the trenches pushing for greater fairness in our democracy, economy and community at large.

The experiential learning component focuses on converting you from an observer into an active participant in positive social change. Get plugged in, move the needle, organize to win in an area of politics that matters to you.

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Your thoughts, opinions and experiences matter and if you think you can make a difference in shaping our politics, then you should feel encouraged to go for it. BUILD will get you feeling confident in the power you and your neighbours can have working together.

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