I Speak Election

First-past-the-post? Minority government?
WTF does all this mean! We got you.
Basically, the Civics class we wish we had. #YoureWelcome

Game on! An election is called and the rules change. Get the basics on what happens between the time the writs are issued and election day. What is a writ anyway???

Extra Extra, Read all about it! Think the media is always on point with what's going on in the world? Are all news sources reliable? Why am I so angry reading this post on Instagram while trying to enjoy my breakfast? We might not have the universal answer to everything, but we got some pretty good ones on how disinformation in the media spreads and how to equip you to fight back.

Drowning in the noise coming from south of the border? US political coverage got you confused about how things go down in Canadian politics? Hint: Gerrymandering, Super PACs & Fried Pickles - SO American. The U.S. and Canada may be similar in many ways, but there are some very important distinctions when it comes to how we run our elections here in the Great White North.

Aaaaannddd the votes are in, folks! So your candidates ran a long race, knocked on hundreds of doors, some even kissed a few babies. So what now? Forming government is no walk in the park and winning is only the beginning. Both winners and losers play important roles in Parliament, all in the name of passing laws that benefit the people and shape the country.

The events where we hear it straight from the party leaders' mouths. The events where party platforms are shared and defended. The events where facts are checked in real time and leaders are kept in check by their peers and the public. The events voters anticipate for months to help guide their vote on E-Day.