An initiative under Canada Service Corps, RISE is designed to help young people find ways to co-create community projects and contribute in strengthening our civic and democratic fabric by engaging on topics that interest them.

Over the course of two years, RISE will be developing 25 community projects across 7 cities: Edmonton, Ottawa, Montréal, Toronto, Iqaluit, Halifax and Vancouver.

Current Cities

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RISE is proudly funded by:

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Are you ready to rise?

Meet our local project coordinators

Edmonton Coordinator

"I love that RISE is entirely youth-led. I think this is an essential and remarkable opportunity to show the broader community the amazing commitment youth have for creating better communities once given the opportunity to be heard. I’m incredibly curious to learn from the volunteers about what they find meaningful to be exploring in the community."

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Ottawa Coordinator

I love that RISE holds intentional space for young people to become more engaged in their local communities, promoting accessible processes of learning, collaboration, and meaningful relationship-building. I’m inspired by the ways in which RISE nurtures individual passions for change while also allowing youth to experience the joys of watching their project come to fruition alongside a community of peers!"

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Montreal Coordinator

I love that RISE makes space for voices too often unheard. I love that RISE questions who holds the power to be heard and subsequently uplifts those left on the margins. I love that RISE acknowledges different barriers to civic and democratic participation and actively tries to address them. I love that RISE allows me to witness the magic that happens when young people are given the space to literally RISE up!

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Toronto Coordinator

"I'm inspired by how RISE acknowledges that diverse identities and systems of oppression can affect people's ability in varying ways to be involved in their communities, and actively works to involve our less-engaged peers. I love that RISE doesn't try to speak for anyone; instead, there's an understanding that as youth, we have a lot to say, but sometimes need help finding that voice and outlets through which to be heard."

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Vancouver Coordinator

"What I love about RISE is that the program uses a critical lens in doing youth engagement work. I love that RISE acknowledges the structural and systemic barriers that prevent different youth from accessing engagement processes. I’m inspired by how RISE centers community and those at the margins. I’m looking forward to witnessing the relationships that are built and projects that come out of the program!"

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