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Elections Watchlist

NWT, Territorial Election

Delayed to November 14, 2023

NWT, Municipal Election (Hamlet)

December 11, 2023

Young Canadians are making noise and change every day.

Whether online or IRL—we keep showing up for the things we value. Clearly, we care.

But is there more we can do? Yes! We can start really showing up at the ballot box.

Young people don't turn up on Election Day as much as older folks. On the other hand, we clearly want to see our priorities reflected in policy and regulation.

Bottom line is that we should show up on election day.



If you think a lot about the future of our environment, you should VOTE.

If you've ever been concerned about your safety, you should VOTE.

If you worry about the cost of living being affordable, you should VOTE.


These are all areas where

your vote matters.

Ever wonder why the world isn't changing as quickly as you'd like?

Getting out to VOTE (and getting your friends on-board too) might just be the missing ingredient.

If young people showed up as much as older folks the dynamic would change entirely. There's power in voting—we've just got to use it.

So once I vote–what are my next  steps? Engage beyond VOT[E]ing!

There are so many ways to engage as a citizen and shape policy in Canada. As you probably know, though, it all starts with learning.

If you want to pick up a couple interesting pieces of information that might help you be a better citizen and voter—check out some of our resources:

Learn more

Democracy Dictionary

Don't let political jargon get in the way of participating.

Civics 101 Video Series

What's the writ? FPTP? Minority gov? We explain all that!

How Government Works

We have three levels of government in Canada, but who does what?

Engage directly

  • Go to city council meetings
  • Check out local consultations
  • Keep in touch with your MP, MLA, or city councillor
  • Participate in a protest
  • Join a political party to shape its policy reform
  • Sign a petition
  • Run for your student council or union
  • Volunteer for an organization