Democracy is government by the people.

But young Canadians have not been showing up to vote compared to older folks. For decades, our turnout rates have been dropping and we're letting others make decisions for us. We don't believe this is because young people don't care about their community. We have just been shifting the way we participate.

Shakers are on the front lines, raising awareness to a problem in our community that needs to be solved.

Makers are creating and testing solutions to the problems youth are facing in our communities.

Uptakers are decision makers, political leaders, or those within influential institutions who can take solutions and scale them up to systemic, long-term change.

Shakers without Makers is frustrations without ways forward.

Makers without Uptakers is ideas without systemic change. 

 without engagement with Shakers and Makers is a broken democracy.

We need all three
. Voting is how we decide who will be the Uptaker to solve the issues in your community.


Democracy is more than just voting. If you're not 18 yet or there isn't an election going on, there are plenty of ways you can still be a changemaker.

- Attend city council meetings.
- Check out local public consultations.
- Keep in touch with your MP (find him/her here), MLA, or city councillor.
- Join a political party to shape its policy platform and even vote for the leader!
- Run for your student council or union.
- Participate in a protest.
- Sign a petition.
- Volunteer for an organization.


Oftentimes young people don't participate in things like voting because they're never invited. Our street teams meet with thousands of youth at events across the country to invite them to vote and then arm them with the info they need to make it to the polls.


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