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Aleem Amir

Brittany Thompson

Ghada Arfa

Judy Azrak

Mac Laurin Niyungeko

Peter Ip

Simon Marchand

Simone Fillion-Raff




#BeatTheCup hopes to raise awareness and provide solutions to the disposable cup problem in Montreal by engaging youth and the general population in a 15-day challenge that will encourage participants to avoid disposable cups and use reusable alternatives instead. The challenge will be wrapped up with an immersive and educative event the form of a zero-waste coffee tasting event where people will bring their reusable coffee mugs to try out coffee and learn about sustainable practices related to their everyday coffee drinking. #BeatTheCup hopes to disrupt our reliance on disposable coffee cups and demystify the culture of packaging waste in the Montreal context.

Follow their battle @beatthecupmtl and @AisBRiseMontreal

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