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Meet our Spring 2021 Ambassadors


An issue I care about is... equality of all people- no matter sex, gender, race, background, economic situation- in daily life and in institutions. I want the voices of marginalized folk to be heard and want to create a space where that can be so.

I joined RISE because I wanted to make a change in my community and felt that this program was a good starting point. I chose RISE because I believe it does a great job of helping its ambassadors build new skills and hone existing ones. The previous cohorts had excellent projects, so I had faith that ours would be able to create something meaningful too.


Aissatou Keita

An issue I care about is... other than our topic, I care about prison abolition. 

I joined RISE because I wanted to participate in a community project led by youth and that targeted people living in Montreal. I also wanted to meet new people and build a community.


Daniela Bautista

An issue I care about is... racial and gender inequality & inequity.

I found myself looking for opportunities to participate in organizations such as Apathy is Boring because I felt overwhelmed about wanting to engage and contribute to my community's improvement, but not knowing how to start. There are so many issues facing the world, and with this comes a strong desire to make changes; however, baby steps are necessary, which is why I thought that RISE would teach me a lot. Lastly, I would want out of RISE to support and give useful tools to the ambassadors and me!


Echo (Tingxuan) Jiang

An issue I care about is... gender inequalities.

I joined RISE because it looks like a REALLY COOL program. Creating a project with other young people for a great cause gives me a dopamine rush that I am addicted to. Through continued learning and unlearning, I would like to understand the world better and through more diverse lends. Plus, I would really like to make some new friends during the COVID time!


Halle Kott

I want to develop the tools to make a positive difference in my community. I look forward to collaborating with others to design a project that helps bring joy and uplifts those around me.

Jamie Cyr

An issue I care about is... proper representation of women and gender-diverse individuals in media and especially in positions of power.

I think a lot about issues in our world and how I could change them, but it can be difficult to turn thoughts into action. I'm excited for RISE because it can give me the motivation and a platform for making real change happen. Working with a team of open-minded people from diverse backgrounds has been an amazing experience so far. I can't wait to keep learning and to see the project we make together!!

Laury Rosembert

An issue I care about is... inequalities, change and people's well-being.

I wanted to learn, connect, share and help others. I also wanted to learn new skills, be a better person and be surrounded with amazing people.


Layla Razek

An issue I care about is... the over-medication of children diagnosed with ADHD.

I often find myself wondering how to put ideas into action. With RISE, I am supported by amazing staff, surrounded by motivated ambassadors and given the opportunity to innovate. There are so many parts of our society that don’t make sense, and through RISE we can take a step back and think further. Within this community, I hope to discover that we have power when we come together and accept it.


Mehmet Said Noyan

An issue I care about is... justice and human rights.

To improve myself as an individual and to give back to the community as much as I can while meeting amazing new people who will undoubtedly share a lot of knowledge and different perspectives with me. Learning and collaborating with every single one of them will be an amazing opportunity!


Saba Al-Leswas

An issue I care about is... social justice in general. Because of my background, I especially care about immigration and the rights of immigrant and refugees within and outside Canada.

I am a firm believer in the power of empathy and collective proactivity. I decided to join RISE because it encompasses and promotes mutual understanding between people and encourages community involvement. I cannot wait for us to create a project that constructs change in the Montreal community and encourage conversation around gender and gender inclusion.

Tessie Nikuze

An issue I care about is... young girls and women empowerment through education and financial independence (especially for refugees) is a cause I truly care about.

I joined the RISE program because I was looking for a space that would allow me to meet young people like myself who are committed to not only understanding social issues, but also to being part of the change. I wanted to learn more about the issue of gender inclusion and contribute by co-creating a project that would have a real impact in the Montreal community. Being a RISE ambassador is a way for me to gain experience and develop my skills while giving back to my community.


Express Consent is a two-part project that offers space to reflect on consent and gender and the different ways they intersect. First, a picnic in the park where participants explore gender inclusion, consent and boundaries through art. The second is a digital journal for folks to reflect on their understanding of various forms of consent in the contexts of childhood, personal relationships, your workplace, and your community.

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Meet the Montreal Mentor

Carla Claveau-Ferreira

An issue I care about is... unifying spirituality and social justice.

As a mentor, I want to support my team to create a project that makes them feel proud.

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