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Meet our Fall 2020 Ambassadors


Anna Cipolla

I am a loud, ambitious, and determined individual with a passion for learning/unlearning. When I'm not busy with my Political Science studies, you can find me reading, journaling, or lost deep in a skincare routine!

Although I've always wanted to make effective social change in my community, I never knew where to start. RISE provides like-minded youth with the skills, knowledge, and resources to co-create something bigger than themselves. I'm looking forward to establishing a meaningful connection with the Montreal community. This means collectively breaking down barriers to educate, engage, and motivate youth.


Aruetsha Kathiresu

I am currently completing a certificate in Women’s Studies at Concordia University. I hope to contribute to the community to ensure that inclusion, diversity and equality are valued and celebrated. I love to read, watch movies, and workout during my down time.

I applied to the RISE Program because I wanted the opportunity to learn more about community engagement and be apart of an organization that works toward bringing societal issues to the forefront. I look forward to working with peers who share my passion in creating a community that is more gender inclusive. One of my favourite quotes is the following, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” by Martin Luther King Jr.


Athena Banis

As a Political Science student, I enjoy educating myself on important social issues and staying up to date with events happening globally. I also love getting myself lost in a good story, whether it be a book or a movie!

As a "newbie" when it comes to community work, I view RISE as an opportunity for me to widen my horizons in terms of meeting new people with similar goals, gaining valuable experience and giving back to others. I was drawn to RISE because I believe it will provide me with all the necessary tools to further tackle issues such as gender inequality, a topic I deeply care about.

Catch me on Instagram: @athenabanis_


Berenice Irakabaho

I am a big fan of justice and fairness. I decided to study law in hopes to help support vulnerable people. Other than that, I am your next door friend who enjoys a good moment with her friends & family, sunsets and nature. My biggest dream would be to travel every single African country… wish me luck!

I decided to join RISE so I could be part of something bigger than myself while I learn and discover with people who are different from me. My hope is that we can create a project that will reach as many people in and outside Montréal all while having fun and developing new skills.


Bhan Gatkuoth

You can usually find me at my desk busy with school assignments, working, or laughing (and doom scrolling) through Twitter.

I am someone who believes deeply in the power of community. RISE offers a unique opportunity for me to engage with that belief and also use my talents to construct change by asking me to think deeply about what it takes tp make things better for the people around me. To me, RISE is one tool I can use to make my community stronger by learning how to support and create with others.

Connect with me on Instagram: @bhangatkuoth, or Twitter: @bhangatk


Caroline Pease

I am a microbiology and immunology student with too many passions and not enough time. I'm happiest in the water, swimming in the ocean or playing water polo. I also play tenor sax and enjoy a relaxing day at home reading or cooking.

I joined RISE to get involved in my community. I've struggled to make Montreal feel like home, and I think one of the best ways to feel included in a new place is to find ways to give back. I am passionate about gender inclusion and it is an issue very close to my heart. Young people have so much to offer, and RISE provides a wonderful outlet for us to get engaged and make real change.

Look me up on Instagram: @caroline.pease


Emilie Nguyen

Generous, caring, curious, and loyal is what I strive to be. You can find me spending most of my time around family and friends.

Since I have always dedicated most of my energy to being around family, I have not had the chance to be involved in Montreal’s communities. I have a lot of hope in the future generations to create a better future for all, which is why I am looking forward to (un)learning, sharing, and engaging with youth from all walks of life through RISE.


Eric Amyot

I see myself as a very social person, who loves to try new things and get out of my comfort zone. I believe honesty is one of the best qualities someone can have, and I try to be as open as possible with others. If I’m not watching hockey, I’m probably discussing politics with friends, or playing spike-ball in the park.

I joined RISE because in these difficult times, it is important to get involved to fight racism, sexism, and reduce inequalities. COVID-19 gives us the opportunity to change the world we live in, and RISE gives us the platform to do so. Getting involved starts with your community, and I believe that together we can build something bigger.

Feel free to connect with me on Insta: @ericamyot


Melissa Castor

What attracts me to RISE is the opportunity to participate in a program carried out in a safe and inclusive space with people dedicated to make positive and impactful changes by empowering our community.


Raja Khlifi

I am passionate and vivacious. Humour and laughter have always held a big place in my life. I find comfort in dancing, it brings me a sense of freedom and it allows me to let go of built up rage in an expressive way.

I believe RISE provides a platform for different voices to be heard. By being inclusive and diverse it offers a positive representation of relatable models of success to youth. Most importantly this opportunity is accessible, and it encourages participants from all over the country to get involved in their communities.


Sedda Djaoud

I am the type of person who likes to engage in a conversation just for the kick of debating, exchanging ideas and seeing how others think. I love getting out of my comfort zone and this often puts me in incredibly silly, but memorable situations.

There is so much wrong in this world that you often don't know where or how to start. RISE seems to me like some sort of push or the first step towards the right direction, something that could help me combine and nourish my inner strengths with the available resources that I probably don’t know where to find or how to correctly use. RISE can help me evolve into the efficient ally I have always dreamed of becoming.


Susan Liu

I would describe myself as a creative person, which is to say that in my free time, you can find me either painting, taking photographs, digital drawing, writing, video editing, or simply doodling.

Apathy is Boring's mission and values are what immediately attracted me to this organization. Giving a voice to the youth, allowing young people to engage in causes they care about, and providing resources for such an outspoken and progressive generation are some of the reasons why I chose RISE to get more involved with my community. Through my experience as an ambassador, I hope to create meaningful change regarding pressing issues in our society and educate myself further on the topics that matter.


Colorful Conversations is a community-led project organized by 12 members of the Montreal community who are interested in exploring the relationship shared between "gender", "culture" and "generations". This video series is our attempt at exploring diverse conceptions and experiences of gender, bringing community together through honest and reflective conversations.

Follow their adventure on Insta: @aisbrise_yul

Project Coordinator


Camille Georges

“I love that RISE focuses on the power of community. It recognizes the different barriers to engagement that youth face and provide opportunities to counter them. To me, it is amazing that RISE creates a space for community initiatives to be created with community and from within by the medium of empowerment”.

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