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Meet our Spring 2020 Ambassadors

Carla Claveau-Ferreira

I like to think of myself as a bridge that will help bring people together and give them a space where they can feel seen. What I love most is spending time with my friends and family. I also enjoy volunteering and allowing others to feel cared for. 

RISE is important to me, because it is a learning opportunity that will allow me to better serve the people I encounter. I hope to develop a better understanding on how to bring gender equality home and in my everyday interactions. I want to be a more aware and inclusive feminist version of myself. 

Divya Vipin Jain

I would like to think of myself as an open book, I speak about things which are on my mind and do not shy away from expressing myself. I am open-minded and a conversationalist. I keep myself busy by focusing on my studies, participating in various activities and competitions at school, volunteering, taking up new sports (Fencing is next on my mind!), cooking...Hustling is the name of the game!

The motivation of the RISE program to “strengthen the democratic and civic” sentiment among the youth is praiseworthy. It is especially fascinating to see a team spread across the breadth of Canada trying to break the barriers to educate and empower people to improve the conditions they live in. 

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Francesca Partore

I’m a goofy, creative, and passionate person. I’m always excited to try new things. I spend a lot of time watching and yelling about sports, specifically women’s soccer and hockey. I also love writing music, reading books, and watching movies with my friends.

RISE provides the resources and mentorship to those like myself who wish to create something beneficial and impactful for their community but don’t really know where to begin or how to best serve.

Isabelle Oke

I’m a Linguistics and Political Science grad who’s interested in talking labour rights, reparations and discourse. When I’m out and about I’m volunteering at the Quebec Public Interest Research Group (McGill) , but in my down time I’m often found reading, watching tv or playing video games! 

I joined RISE to meet similarly motivated and inspired people, and find new ways to connect with the Montreal community, community project planning and gender, constructed. I want to educate myself on different approaches to political participation and have that inform my community work in projects to come.

Monique Ling

I spend my time watching movies and looking at decolonization memes. I enjoy trying new things, learning/unlearning, and figuring out how to be a responsible person on this earth. I’m passionate about people and dismantling the structures that oppress us.

I’m passionate, but feel I lack the skills and knowledge to act. RISE is unique in how it fosters a strong learning and skills building environment, while focusing on working responsibly with communities. Practicing consensual allyship is SO important, but too often overlooked.

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Perrye-Delphine Seraphin

Ever since I graduated from the University of Montreal, I’ve been working as a senior content editor for a digital company. Proud of my Caribbean origins, I’m known for my love of celebrity gossip, but I’m also passionate about race issues, tennis, astrology and procedural tv shows.

I joined RISE because I was attracted by the challenges and the values of this program. It offers the opportunity to give back to the community while recognizing the barriers’ youth can encounter by empowering them through different opportunities. For that exact reason, I want to be part of the change. 

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Rachael Thomas

Tarot, Astrology, Volunteering, working, Yoga and grocery shopping. These activities keep me happy, keep me grounded, drive me a little up the wall but always keeps me breathing.

RISE found me. I went to a SUPER engaging panel discussion about sustainability and BIPOC women and it was one of, if not the first time I had been in a room with so many folks that looked like me and shared interests with me. What I want out of RISE is the ability to bring like minded people together to spread the joy of community organizing and engagement. Make someone feel less alone.

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Sarah Teixeira-Barbosa

I am currently completing a bachelor’s degree in political science at Concordia University. When I am not busy studying or working, you can find me either spending time with my family or reading a good book. 

I am deeply interested and passionate about all things political. More specifically, gender equality, as it is an area in our communities that still needs significant work and attention. RISE presented a unique opportunity to share my passion of getting involved and motivating youth to engage with each other and their communities, while working on improving gender equality. 


“Under the Umbrella” is a podcast and a zine which aims to encourage young people who do not have the knowledge / language to participate confidently in conversations about gender to share their experience with gender expressions and discover those of others in order to normalize the consciousness and reflection of one’s personal gender and their expression of it in everyday life.

Follow their adventure on Insta: @aisbrise_mtl

Project Coordinator: Camille Georges (She/Her)

“I love that RISE focuses on the power of community. It recognizes the different barriers to engagement that youth face and provide opportunities to counter them. To me, it is amazing that RISE creates a space for community initiatives to be created with community and from within by the medium of empowerment”.

Meet the Montreal Mentors

Joyce Joseph

Quiet, omnivert, artistic, I am  an individual that enjoys the simple things of life. After completing a degree in Social Science (with criminology, sociology and anthropology as the core subjects), I decided to revisit her roots as an artist. From a young age, I was a part of many musical activities (such as piano and signing) and would create simple music to pass the time. I also had a fascination for art, and the process behind it, so I decided to teach myself digital as well as traditional art. As the years went by, I slowly started incorporating video games and space into their artistic talents.


Toni Fowler
(she/her they/them)

Toni Fowler is an Afro-Jamaican Spiritual Care Practitioner, Goddess, and Youth Outreach Worker based in Mtl. Toni formally known as @CosmiqueTea is also a water-bearing intuitive healer facilitating safer-spaces for divination, new and full QTBIPOC-centered moon circles that actively promote self-awareness, come-unity healing and joy.

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