Round Table Topics

It’s time to round up your people for Round Table Topics.

If you have been following the Table Topic’s journey, you know. We’ve been organizing Table Topic since 2019 where young people come together around a meal, to discuss issues related to Canada’s democracy that impact their life. 

There have been various iterations of this initiative. In the OG Table Topics, youth received a meal package and discussion cards where they hosted their friends over for a meal with a side of democracy. With COVID, the second iteration of Table Topics moved online. It changed to a panel format, with guests discussing issues like COP26, the cost of living, and breaking cycles of barriers in our democracy with the participation of hundreds of youth. The third iteration, Traveling Table Topics, supported 20 youth across the country to host their own Table Topics in various formats with more than 500 youth participating, to foster exchange and dialogue.

What’s different this time around? Well, this time, we are inviting you to host a Round Table. What is a round table? A Round table means everyone has an “equal right to participate”. Everyone speaks, and everyone listens. 

Round Table discussions are often used as a part of deliberative dialogue to bring public insight into the political decision-making process. For example, with the invitation of a municipal government, citizens come together to discuss issues like urban planning or healthcare, and their discussions influence the policy. 

Research also shows that the more a young person talks about politics and becomes familiar with what's happening in their community, the more likely they will be spurred into actions like advocacy and voting.

With all this in mind, Round Table Topics invites you to practice your voice in participating in discussions on issues that impact you, even when they get a little uncomfortable. This hopefully equals more respectful dialogue! 

Imagine sitting in a circle with friends, acquaintances or other youth, sharing a meal, and talking. If you want to make that happen, this call is for you. 


Summer Session: June - November 2024
Workshop 1: July 15th
Workshop 2: July 17th

Winter Session: November 2024 - December 2025
Workshop 1: TBD
Workshop 2: TBD


Electoral reform (66% of youth believe that we need a different way to elect our politicians and leaders in Canada.)
Cost of living
Income inequality
Climate change
Barriers to youth civic engagement


The workshops will be held virtually via Zoom.


Between the ages of 18-30
Interested in creating space for facilitating dialogue
No previous experience needed



Fill out this application


Fill out the application by June 10th. We will get back to you by June 30th.

*Spot are limited to 16 people and will be decided on based on your answers and availability to join the mandatory training sessions


  • There will be two two training sessions, each lasting two hours, during which you will workshop your discussion topics and questions about democracy and learn about facilitation best practices.
  • You will plan when and where (virtual or in-person) you will host your RTT and who you would like to invite. 
  • You will receive a 250$ honorarium. 
  • You will receive a 300$ stipend for food 


4 hours: Training

2 hours: Discussion prep

4 hours Logistical prep (setting up venue and food with the support of the AisB staff)

2 hours: Round Table Topics 


Come and ask questions by registering here


The main language during the workshops will be English. We can provide the training materials in French as well. You are welcome to host your Round Table in English or French. 

If you have any questions you can reach out to [email protected].

This project is funded by the Government of Canada.