Exploring Mutual Aid and Community Care

Free food! Journalling! Prizes! Community building!

In uncertain, scary, and infuriating times, how can we care for each other in spite of existing power structures? Mutual aid is designed for communities and by communities - to organize to meet  each other's needs and support each other's dreams beyond the election results.

What this event will look like:
This is a casual event exploring mutual aid and community/self-care. We'll learn about different care solutions across the world, explore our own needs, unpack self-care, and find new ways to tend to ourselves. This event is hosted by Elly Pond in collaboration with Apathy is Boring.
You do not need to be an activist to attend this event. The night will focus on community conversation, creativity and curiosity.

The event will have 10-20 people For questions please contact Elly at [email protected].



November 02, 2023 at 7:00pm - 9:30pm


Frigo Vert

Will you come?