The Power of Identity & Intersectionality

The Power of Identity & Intersectionality

Embark on a journey through the multi-layered landscape of self-identity and intersectionality. We will discover the power of embracing your self-identity, and create building blocks through meaningful discussions. In a world that continually evolves, it can be hard to feel accepted in our surrounding communities that are supposed to feel close to us, and understanding the intersectionality of identities becomes crucial for fostering empathy and building connections.

Led by Jessie Li, a former RISE cohort 9 alum, who has a passion for fostering positive change in her community; this event aims to create a safe and inclusive space for dialogue surrounding the multifaceted nature of identity and belonging. Join us for an engaging conversation about navigating the complexities of identity.

This will be a discussion-driven event with opportunities to reflect and ask questions to event participants. This will also be an interactive space for youth to connect and learn from one another at this Travelling Table Talks event.


The first 30 attendants who sign up before February 7th, 2024, will receive a 25$ Doordash voucher via email on the day of the event.


*Please note this discussion will be in English only with Closed Captions





February 11, 2024 at 6:00pm - 7:30pm



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