Topaza Yu: TTT Event

Integrating an Anti-Racsim and Anti-Oppression (ARAO) lens in your youth leadership work is critical in creating an accessible and effective initiative, non-profit, and/or company or whatever it is you are developing because ARAO is everywhere. ARAO means learning and unlearning colonial structures deeply ingrained into our society and being mindful of the conscious and unconscious ways we enable them. These can be biases and prejudices that we have picked up over time or things we have learnt from western media where people of colour are often portrayed in a stereotypical way. ARAO also means that we utilize strategies and practices that challenges and counter racism and systems of oppressions. It is about fighting and pushing back on these systems of oppressions like sexism and heterosexism that has silenced and harm marginalized groups for decades and decades. An interactive space will be created for youth leaders from across Canada to connect and learn from each other at this TTT!


July 03, 2023 at 6:00pm - 7pm




Topaza Yu ·

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