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Meet our Fall 2020 Ambassadors


Alden Steur

I am a piano major at the University of Manitoba and I study voice too!

I'm here to listen, learn, and be a more active participant in the social justice movements I hold dear. I'm also excited to get to know my fellow ambassadors! They are such brilliant, passionate, and kindhearted young people and I'm honoured to be included in this program with them.


Allyn Lyons

I'm a reader, biker, and outdoor enthusiast.

I joined RISE to get involved in my community and work towards making a difference.


Bostyn Evans

When I’m not working, I enjoy singing, acting, crafting and going on adventures with my friends.

I am beyond excited to learn and to be learned from and to make a difference not just in my community but in the world.

Find me on Instagram: @Bostyn_Haileigh


Cierra Bettens

I study political science at the University of Winnipeg and write about politics, activism and culture (and sometimes, love letters).

It's important to educate yourself on social issues, but crucial to take action. For me, RISE is the bridge between education and action; the community project in conjunction with weekly workshops provides the opportunity to combine both. I'm excited to build community connections, grow with my cohort and develop the skills needed to promote youth engagement during and following RISE.

Find me on Instagram: @cierrabetts


Jules Perez

I'm a university student who loves reading and spending time with my pets.

I wanted to participate in RISE because I would like experience creating a community project as well as the opportunity to meet like minded people in my community. The topic of Gender Inclusion drew me to the program since gender diversity is something I am passionate about.

Reach out on Instagram: @julianamahone


Kwene Appah

I'm driven, compassionate, and ambitious. Educating myself about injustice keeps me busy.

I joined RISE because it provides an avenue for Canadian youth to become better acquainted with the systems they operate within. It also sources skills from young Canadians and channels it into a project that leads to the betterment of lives. RISE provides a platform for individuals to grow and voices to be uplifted.

Reach out on Instagram: @kweneappah


Liliana Lopez

I would describe myself as outgoing, understanding and accepting. I am usually kept busy by school and spending time with friends and family, but I love to run and play video games in my free time.

I was interested in RISE because of its emphasis on getting youth involved in community projects. We are taught they don't make a difference or they can't make a difference but RISE demonstrates that young people can be the catalyst for change. I hope that RISE will teach me how to interact with my community and how to get more young people involved in community projects. I also hope to develop more confidence in my ability and make new connections.

Feel free to connect on Instagram: @lililopezz21


Stan Penner

I'm currently a student at Red River College. Most of my time is spent studying!

I RISE because I want to give back to my community. In the process, I hope RISE can teach me the skills needed to become a great leader and organize community projects.


Yusuf Bashir

Future lawyer and lifelong learner! When I am not studying, I love to experiment in the kitchen, read, and spend time with my family and friends. I have a deep sense and interest in civic engagement, an issue where young people are unrepresented.

I joined RISE because it empowers youth to create positive change in their communities and understands that a country’s youth should play an active role in democracy, a belief I have held for a long time. After all, we are the leaders of tomorrow. I am looking to develop new skills, meet and network with other like-minded change makers.


Not Your Mothers Sex Ed is a podcast that aims to explore sexual health and education in a safe and inclusive environment. Made by youth, for youth, we’re bridging the gaps in our community by breaking down the stereotypical sex ed conversation. You can expect laughter, honesty and informative conversations. Basically, we’ve got you covered for everything your mom didn’t teach you.

Stay tuned and follow their journey on Insta: @aisbrise_win

Project Coordinator


Johise Namwira

"There’s an old African proverb that says, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." RISE does just that - it encourages youth to rise to the challenges that surround their communities and work together to build positive grassroots solutions. Understanding and unpacking systemic inequality can often leave one at a loss of hope however, I fundamentally believe that there is strength in a unified community. Change is always possible when people have a shared vision and commitment to go far, not fast."

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