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Meet our Spring 2020 Ambassadors

Amina Ahmed

Anika Muelderings

Hi there! I would describe myself as an avid music lover and cat mom, who enjoys the simple things in life. Over the last few (ok, five) years I’ve been dedicated to completing my undergrad in Sociology and Gender Studies. I’m a homebody at heart, but I also love exploring Edmonton’s music and food scene.

I joined RISE to put my words into action and to be a part of the change that I want to see within communities. RISE is unique in that it provides the space for like-minded youth to empower and educate other youth towards social change.

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Bethel Alemu

I’m a student, cyclist, and environmentalist. You might find me tweeting about diversity in the cycling community. I like to read, make things (from food to furniture to jury-rigged bike accessories), and collect houseplants.

I’m new to civic engagement! I’ve always been more of a listener but I’m excited to become more involved in my own community and to address local concerns with our project. The opportunity to connect with other young people is also a big deal to me. I’m here to learn more about my peers’ perspectives and priorities.

Carissa Nicholson

In my free time I enjoy writing short stories, and creative poems. I also really like gaming, and watching gaming live streams! I spent most of my other time studying at the University of Alberta and working at a rock climbing gym!

I want to be someone who fights for others to be seen and heard. I have always been a people person, and RISE was an opportunity for me to use those skills to meet others like me, and create something beautiful and impactful within our city.

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Jakia Jari

I love volunteering and interacting with the community around me. I enjoy being a part of community events and learning from them. I love food. I spend a lot of time exploring new places to eat or trying out recipes from different cultures. 

 I love how RISE mobilizes ideas and brings in communities to heal and prosper. RISE empowers youth with tools and resources to unleash their passions and to be a social justice advocate and change maker in the community. I want to learn from the people involved in RISE and from the community we will be working with.

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Nikk Goodswimmer

Rea-Anna Walters

I'm a happy Jamaican POC, excited to involve myself in my community and reach my goals. I love long drives, knitting, time to myself, spontaneous activities, going on adventures in nature, and spending time with people I love. I work a lot and I try to give back to my community as much as I can. 

RISE Because RISE challenges my perceptions about myself and the world and through my involvement in RISE, I have realized the impact that youth can have on the growth in our communities. I want to make strong connections with the people I meet in RISE.

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Sania Chaudhari

This is hard, never been good at describing myself. I would say what keeps me busy at the moment is family, work, and learning about Edmonton.

As somebody who has recently moved to Edmonton and wants to be involved in the community I thought RISE was the answer as it allows youth to become involved in their community and gives the opportunity to bring real change within their communities. I want to be able to connect with the youth in my community and be a voice that brings change.

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Slater Siemens

A multidisciplinary artist in every sense. Amatuer writer, fashion fanatic and aspiring actor. In other words, just a dude who loves making stuff !

I have spent a great deal of time posting, sharing and discussing civic issues but never knew quite how to actually get involved. RISE is an opportunity to be part of a movement of change. To surround yourself with likeminded people who are inspired to have an impact on their future.

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Oh My Gender! (OMG) Weekend aims to create a safer space by inviting young BIPOC folks to engage in exploring gender. The weekend will involve interviews with experts on the topic of gender on Instagram Live, a virtual movie viewing, followed by a discussion about the content of the film.

Follow their journey on Instagram @aisbrise_edm!

Project Coordinator: Jamie Zarn (They/Them)


"I love that RISE is entirely youth-led. I think this is an essential and remarkable opportunity to show the broader community the amazing commitment youth have for creating better communities once given the opportunity to be heard. I’m incredibly curious to learn from the volunteers about what they find meaningful to be exploring in the community."

Meet the Edmonton Mentors

Charlene Campo
(She/Her, They/Them)

Charlene is currently pursuing an MA in Gender and Social Justice, and for her capstone project she is hoping to talk to Edmonton’s ethnocultural communities to learn more about the change making work that they are doing and how they describe, re-tell, and share their work to others. She is also co-chairing the Youth Working Group on Gender Equality, which is tasked with leading initiatives to advance gender equality in Canada. 

Charlene strongly believes in the importance of community and relationships in the pursuit of social justice and liberation. RISE is a great place to start developing connections to others and extending our love to those within and outside of our immediate circles. She wants to emphasize that activism requires people of all skills and walks of life, and that it is a labour of love that we humbly undertake to advance what previous generations have done, for ourselves and for future generations.


Saint Tawfik

When not working on poetry and art, Saint spends time with BIPOC in Bloom, a food justice initiative that focuses on Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour in Edmonton. You can also find them ranting about social justice issues on Instagram and Twitter.

RISE is amazing at what it does--mobilizing youth to be more engaged citizens. They really are the future. I want to bring my passion to RISE, as well as my experience from past projects to show future ambassadors that it really is possible to achieve your dreams.




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