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Meet our Fall 2019 Ambassadors

Amina Abdille

I’m currently a third year student at the University of Alberta, majoring in Sociology. When I’m not in school, I’m also volunteering in the Research department of CapitalCare and at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

RISE is a program that embodies the motto of “for the youth, by the youth,'' which I resonated with. It creates a platform for people who aren’t thought of, to have a seat at the table, especially regarding a topic like the environment. I would like to create a project that initiates conversations about environmental injustice with the marginalized communities who have suffered as a consequence.

Dalyah Mouallem

Currently a first year student at the University of Alberta, pursuing a degree in secondary education with a major in English and minor in physics.

I want to bring people together and share space. Especially since the environment is such a universally pressing issue, RISE gives way to a diverse group of youths, specifically the BIPOC community, to create space for themselves in a conversation they are often left out of.

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Danielle Swampy

I'm an introverted mother with a passion to help others and find my voice. School, my beautiful daughters, going to meetings for my recovery, and finding other ways to get out there keep me busy :)

I want more experience, to contribute to something bigger then myself, to make more connections and push myself out of my comfort zone, it's also apart of my healing journey.

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Elfas Johannes

I am currently a third year Civil Engineering student at the University of Alberta. Aside from school inflicted work, I pass time coaching basketball and tutoring.

Rise offers a platform for meaningful conversations to be had and presents the opportunity for people to come together to initiate the change they want to see happen. What I want out of rise is to tackle the and build meaningful connections on the way.

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Grace Wainaina

I am a current student at the University of Alberta. I am working towards a degree in political science with a minor in Native studies. Outside of school, I work at  St. Mary’s Hospital as a staffing clerk.

RISE is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded youth. I want to create a space for folks of the BIPOC community to discuss their relationship to the environment. As this group is often excluded from this conversation.

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Harman Kang

I’m currently a fourth year undergraduate student at University of Alberta majoring in Human Geography with a Certificate in Sustainability. Aside from RISE and school, I tend to keep busy by annoying my dog and watching an excess amount of Ken Burns documentaries.

I want to do something in the environmental justice realm that centers the BIPOC community’s relationship with the land. Through this RISE project, I want other BIPOC folks to feel a connection with the land they grew up in and claim space to develop that relationship that may have been lost through colonization, migration, and slavery.

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Val Rwigema

Avid music lover and tea drinker, I am passionate about creating safer QTBIPOC spaces in all contexts. If I could meet anyone and ask them any question, I would want to meet Alice Walker. I would ask her when she came to the realization that she absolutely needed to write about Black narratives.

I joined RISE to have access to reliable resources while trying to make positive sustainable changes in my community.


GROUNDED is a portrait series highlighting environmental injustices to inspire thought in the BIPOC community about relationship with land, identity, and culture. They will hold an educational workshop for community to gain a deeper connection. To further reach the BIPOC Community, they will hold an art show highlighting the portrait series and showcasing local BIPOC artists. 

The Edmonton Ambassadors believe there is a need to reverse or reconcile the effects of environmental injustice in communities with histories of slavery, migration, colonization (or other injustices) with a special centralization of the indigenous people to Turtle Island.

Follow their adventures on Insta: @aisbrise_edm and @grounded.yeg

Meet the Edmonton Mentors

Jeenan Kaiser

Over the past few years, Jeenan has been involved in several initiatives relating to public and global health as well as sustainable development. Topics of particular interest to her at the moment include climate change and human health, sexual and reproductive health, universal health coverage, and poverty and homelessness.

Jeenan joined RISE because she is deeply passionate about empowering youth to become more engaged global citizens. As a Mentor for RISE, she hopes to contribute her knowledge and experience to support other youth in creating positive change in Edmonton.


Saint Tawfik

I’m currently involved with BIPOC in Bloom, a food justice initiative that focuses on Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour in Edmonton. You can also find me at most rallys in Edmonton, or ranting about social justice issues on Instagram and Twitter.

RISE is amazing at what it does--mobilizing youth to be more engaged citizens. They really are the future. I want to bring my passion to RISE, as well as my experience from past projects to show future ambassadors that it really is possible to achieve your dreams.




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