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Meet our Fall 2020 Ambassadors


Abbey Willes

I am currently a science student at the University of Alberta. Although that takes up majority of my time, I also love going on adventures with my family and friends, spending time with my dog, and baking.

I love that RISE gives youth the opportunity to create the change they want to see in their communities, by providing them with the proper tools and resources. I am excited to learn and grow throughout this program, and really challenge myself and my thought process.


Ariam Abreha

I often prefer solitude so you’ll find me in my own little world time listening to podcasts or music and reading books.

For me, RISE presents the opportunity to be engaged in my community while sharing and hearing the stories and knowledge of those around me. From this experience I hope to find my footing in the world, to be able to pass along what I have been taught to those around me, and to have an overall awesome time!

C6-EDM-BRENDY.png Brendy Roberts

What keeps me busy are my job, amazing family, and volunteering. If it’s not one of those, I’m definitely reading.

I chose RISE because it’s a program specifically geared towards youth with a style of getting us engaged that I didn’t see in any other programs. I saw an opportunity to learn about community engagement that extends beyond what I’m used to, a chance to learn how to effectively communicate my ideas and create meaningful connections with those I meet. I want RISE to give me the confidence I need to be more active in my communities.

Feel free to connect on Instagram: @brendyrobsu


Eulainne Doroni

I love books, my animals, my plant babies and food related activities.

I chose RISE because they talk about topics people don't really like to bring up, in a positive, creative and learning environment. I want to be part of that type of engagement.

Giselle Yang

Being a newcomer from Taiwan, searching for meanings of things and working on educating myself continuously for making changes.

RISE has offered the opportunities for younger people like me to have the space to develop projects that we can give back to our communities and make this world a better place. What I want out of RISE is to have the ability to work on community projects based on the (limited) resources that we have and to reach the goals – gain equities and spaces for all individuals.

Feel free to connect on Instagram: @giselleyang


Jeremiah Ellis

I love reading, writing, watching movies, playing hockey, hiking in the mountains, and spending time with my family and dog.

Through RISE, I hope to make connections and friendships with other youth in my community. I am also looking forward to taking part in building a collaborative community within our RISE cohort while impacting our larger community at the same time. I also want to learn more about community organizing, discover ways to get involved at the grassroots level, and gain a better understanding of the many barriers that prevent young people from being engaged in democracy.


Kaylee Dyer

When not at school or studying you can find me working, baking or eating at my favourite restaurants.

I joined RISE because I want to learn the skills needed to better engage with topics and issues I am passionate about. RISE gives me the opportunity to grow, learn, and connect with likeminded people. I can't wait to see what we accomplish.


Kim Edgar

I enjoy hanging out with friends, baking good food and spending time with my dog.

What I want from RISE is something that will challenge me to learn more about others and their stories as well as grow as an individual. I am looking to meet new people and expand my horizons to a larger circle of people that I usually would not have met in my normal life.

Find me on Insta @kim.edgarr or Twitter @kimtroverted_


Makena Kigunda

I am a learner and a listener. Reading, writing, and observing the world is how I take up space.

I believe that each of us has a duty to actively participate in creating the social reform needed to foster equity and justice. For me, RISE is an opportunity to engage with community, peers, and mentors to realize change. I am inspired by the impact of community organization and the power of collective action. I am also individually challenged and motivated to grow as an ally and develop my voice as an advocate.

I'm on Instagram at @makenakig


Ruquia Raka

Determined, enthusiastic, explorer—generally during spare time I’m playing Fortnite or watching shows on Netflix.

I chose RISE because I want to help spread the voice of the youths of this generation. I believe RISE is the safe place for many of us where we can focus on the real life issues and voice opinions that matter. I want to learn more about communities and people that I meet through RISE and aid them in any way possible with the help of RISE. I also want to help bring out the underrepresented group of culture/artists/minorities out in the spotlight so that we are aware of the overall, not just some.

Check me out at @studiowalkthrough on Instagram!


Samantha Matters

I am a Métis entrepreneur who recently returned to Edmonton after living and studying in Toronto. My work keeps me very busy and in my free time you can find me rediscovering the city, learning Michif and playing board games with my partner and friends.

For me RISE is about building community and connecting with other like minded youth in the city. It is an opportunity to be creative and collaborative. I joined RISE to connect with others, to learn from each other and challenge our way of thinking and knowing. RISE is a chance for all of us to think big and create better futures in what is currently known as Canada.

Find me on Insta and Twitter @matterssamantha


Breaking the Bannock & the Binary is a dinner dialogue, online cooking class and learning space where we'll learn how to prepare two types of Anakanaow (bannock/frybread) & berry jam from scratch while we have conversations about cultural understandings of gender through an Indigenous lens.

Stay tuned and follow their journey on Instagram: @aisbrise_edm!

Meet the Edmonton Mentors

Charlene Campo
(She/Her, They/Them)

Finishing up my degree, housekeeping, reading, hanging out with my friends, cat and plant family.

I'm participating in RISE because of the shared joy that the hub communities create together. I came into it wanting to make an honest attempt at making Edmonton a home and to contribute to the community, and RISE has helped make that happen for me.

Project Coordinator

Micah Leonida

"I recognize the unique power and influence that youth bring to the table. I am inspired by their unwavering commitment to our communities. I hope to use my skills and experiences to support their projects. I also wish to learn from the RISE Ambassadors in order to expand my own world views, and challenge my preconceived ideas."



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