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Aisha Abdille

Anita Sayaphet

Esther Dimalanta

Lisa Zhu

Mozan Elmusharaf

Rae Sheskey

Sarah Tawfik





BIPOC in Bloom is a group of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) youth wanting to make a difference in their BIPOC community in reclaiming their relationship with food and land as a result of racism, colonization, and displacement.

They hope to make a significant impact on their relationship with the land by creating sustainable food initiatives that integrate their diverse cultural heritages.

They aim to do this by organizing a food waste & cultural food connecting event to build awareness on food waste, connect the BIPOC community to resources experiencing food insecurity, and to celebrate & appreciate diverse cultural food. From this event, they hope to start a BIPOC community garden as a continual green space to support the healing and nurturing of individuals seeking to grow their relationship with food and land.

Follow their blossoming project @bipocinbloom and @AisBRiseEdmoton



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