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Meet our Spring 2021 Ambassadors


Genevieve Oliver

An issue I care about is... the accessibility of the arts, both for creating and consuming!

I joined RISE because of the unique opportunity to engage in community and build something meaningful as a collective. COVID has made it more difficult than ever to come together, which is why now felt like the right time for RISE. Being able to learn together, learn from each other, and externalize that learning towards gender inclusion advocacy is very powerful, and that is what I am hoping to get out of this experience.


Kris Cipriani

An issue I care about is... 
intersectionality, BLM, LGBTQ2+ rights.

RISE is an opportunity to connect with the community and be a part of the change I wish to see in my surroundings.


Liuba González de Armas

I joined RISE to kick the pandemic blues by meeting, learning, and working with local folks who are committed to gender justice.


Mimi O'Handley

An issue I care about is... youth underemployment.

I wanted to join RISE to contribute to a meaningful project with other like-minded individuals to create safer spaces that promote inclusion, equity and diversity. I believe RISE is a wonderful opportunity to both learn and unlearn, to challenge yourself and grow as person, to develop new interests and skills, and to connect with others in the community.


Sarah Speck

An issue I care about is... disability justice.

I want to meet people in my community and learn more about activism and community organizing.


Varun Dhunna

An issue I care about is... minority representation.

I joined RISE because it gives me an opportunity to become more engaged in my community. The RISE program allows me to express issues that are important to me and allows me to learn from others within the program. Through the RISE program I hope to bring ideas into fruition, empower the unengaged, and bring inclusivity to the forefront of all decisions.


Shindig is a zine dedicated to talking about fashion and gender. The aim is to provide a platform for youth in the Halifax community to explore their own relationship with gender and fashion and be inspired in their own agency to express their version of fashion liberation.

Check out their journey on Insta: @aisbrise_hfx

Meet the Halifax Mentors


Stephanie Clarke

I love learning new skills(especially ones to help live sustainably) and hobbies, Ariel hoop, slack lining, sewing, and want to learn woodworking/carpentry.

I have been looking for a way to actively promote real change for the community. The Rise initiative really seems to encompass what I've been looking for, creating a space and platform for young creators to invoke meaningful change. There is so much bad going on all over the world, and it all stems from the same things (power dynamics, greed), which is why I wanted to be a part of something that focused on human rights, and making this earth better for all living beings.

Find me on Insta: @vvvagabonddd


Veronica Gutierrez

Photography, plants, books and live events in the community keep me busy. Participating in community events and listening/seeing people expressing themselves fills my heart with joy.

Growing up I had to find my ways to understand the world I was living in and what I wanted from it. I was taught to memorize and follow a system that was already established which I did not agree with. Educating youth about social issues and helping them find out what their needs and wants are is a must in order to have democracy. Being part of this process and getting to know change makers inspires me and helps me keep building and re-building my own path.

Connect with me on Insta: @v.meetsworld

Program Coordinator:

Stephanie Yee

"The RISE program actively cares, not only by giving youth the opportunity to co-create a community project, but by providing relational skills training and educational resources the cohort can use to continue their contributions to a more democratic future."

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