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Meet our Fall 2020 Ambassadors


Ami Gagné

Climate activist, tea lover, plant mom. My days are usually filled with the perks of being a student, advocating for climate justice, writing, creating art and having deep conversations. I also enjoy yoga, reading books, energy healing, hiking and travelling!

I joined RISE because I wanted to be a part of a youth-led community, where I can experience first hand and advocate for youth empowerment. I also wanted to connect and network with like-minded individuals who are passionate about creating meaningful transformative change in my community.

Connect on Instagram: @ami_ami3

Anjali Ramburn

I am interested in pursuing a creative career as a filmmaker and scriptwriter.

I am passionate about experiential learning and I want to learn how to create a community-oriented project from a human-centred design standpoint. The RISE Program offers a unique opportunity to build a community project with like-minded youth who want to contribute meaningfully in strengthening our civic and democratic fabric.

Connect with me on Twitter or Instagram: @lifeofanjali


Anne Yang

I am perpetually learning, reflecting, denouncing oppressive systems, and cleaning the smudges off my glasses. Always catching up on sleep.

I want to engage with like-minded young adults to create safer spaces that promote diversity and inclusion for everybody. Critically analyzing and understanding the damaging fibers that are weaved through our communities is integral to changing the status quo. Being an active part of the design and implementation of a project that can have an immeasurable impact on young (and old) minds is just one way RISE helps us get involved and create necessary awareness and change.

Connect with me on Instagram: @anneofmeangables


Assane Kaba

I am currently student at the University of Ottawa in Psychology.

I believe that RISE is a golden opportunity to set up a large-scale activism project, especially since it allows us to grow as engaged citizens in our community by being in constant contact with young activists like us. Moreover, RISE, as its name indicates, is an opportunity to grow as a human being, to evolve.

Connect with me on Instagram: @luckyaskaban


Béatrice Allard

I'm an Ottawa newbie, a Libra, a reader, a cook (not a chef tho!), an empath, a law school student, a friend, sister and daughter.

I'm excited to step in a dynamic community of youth running sh*t. I'm hoping to get more community organizing skills, unlearn and learn again and have a great time doing it.

Connect with me on Instagram: @safespace4nerds


Deborah Senyange

I am a Carleton alumni, I work in the government. I love hiking and outdoors activities. What keeps me busy is writing poetry and working on my book.

I was very active in several clubs at school, and since I just finished school I was looking to continue the momentum in my community.

Connect with me on Instagram: @poetrybydeb


Dolly Roul

I am a hardworking overthinker who is outgoing once comfortable. I love art, dancing, music, kickboxing, traveling and learning new things. I want to be a part of the leaders who will make a difference in their communities.

I often feel like I do not fit in my community and that my voice does not always matter on topics that impact me. RISE not only allows me to learn and have hands-on opportunities, but it also allows me to get out of my comfort zone, meet new people and be an active part of my community. Furthermore, I hope to improve and gain new skills related to creating a community project and being a good team member.

Reach out to me on Instagram: dolly_xo1


Saikot Datta

An energetic positive thinker who loves learning new things.

RISE is an opportunity to expand my knowledge on the current focus our cohort is tackling, which is gender inclusion. RISE allows me to network with like-minded people. It's a great chance to advocate strongly and build a set piece through different ideas and share with the community we grew up in.

Connect with me on Instagram: saikot_datta


Sharky Dwyer

Shy, Lighthearted, and Imaginative. To stay busy I spend time with animals, family and friends and enjoy writing, working out and reality TV.

I joined RISE to find confidence and empowerment, and feel less helpless surrounding issues faced by members of my community. I have already been blown away by the level of care, wisdom, empathy, and fire of the ambassadors, leaders, and staff associated with the program. It is powerful to be surrounded by such inspiring individuals.

Find me on Instagram: @char.dwy


Shingai Madziire

I am an ambivert with a love for books, documentaries, adventures, and cultures.

I thought RISE would provide the perfect platform for youth like myself to become more involved and make lasting contributions to our communities. I hope to not only expand my knowledge on gender inclusion but also get a chance to work with a team of passionate youth to co-create something. Beyond that, I hope to grow my network and gain more allies as I continue on my journey to becoming a more democratic citizen.


Taranpreet Kaur

I love to explore, be it places or something related to food (Oh, I am baker btw) or anything happening around me. I generally keep myself occupied by meeting new people, trying out new things and focusing on my passion.

I wanted to be a part of RISE because it is a platform I believe can help make myself more aware of the world, meet new people and work to make some change in our society.

Connect with me on Instagram: @tarannnn._


Unlearning Journey is a digital non-linear zine, focusing on marginalized voices expressing their gender journeys through a variety of multimedia art."

Stay tuned! Follow the Ottawa hub on Instagram: @aisbrise_ott

Meet the Ottawa Mentors

Abigail Williams

I am an organized but chaotic extrovert who enjoys memes, pop culture and ranting about everything wrong in the world.

I joined the last cohort because of my interest in community and the ways in which we can all better understand our shared experiences and identities. RISE was the perfect way to get involved and meet like-minded young people who are passionate about social change. I have learned so much about myself and my community through being a part of the last cohort and I am excited to watch this transformation take place with these ambassadors. I hope to provide guidance in project planning, support in creating safe(r) spaces and knowledge to this cohort as they move through the process of community project planning!

Project Coordinator

Sam Page

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